Edtech company Studeersnel raises $ 50 million

Studeersnel.nl, the Amsterdam scale (active abroad under the name Studocu), has raised fifty million dollars from Partech in a round of financing called Series B. It is an investment company with offices in San Francisco and Paris. Studeersnel provides an educational technology (edtech) solution in the form of a platform where students can exchange knowledge.

Studeersnel wants to expand internationally with the capital raised. The company claims to have a reach of fifteen million students spread over two thousand universities and colleges in more than sixty countries. The ultimate goal is to serve all of the estimated 200 million students in higher education worldwide.

Studeersnel’s online content library was built from the student rooms of the four founders in Delft. During their student days, they came up with the idea in 2013 that collecting useful study material from their fellow students could be done more efficiently, that is, through an online platform. In such an environment, called Studeersnel, students can share their study materials, such as class notes, summaries, and practice materials, to exchange knowledge in order to study as efficiently as possible.

The founders previously managed to interest investors and were able to expand to Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Because this requires an international name, Studocu was chosen abroad.

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