early views on the upcoming Xbox racing game have fallen

A month before its official launch, publishers were able to take over Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox Series X | S and early reviews are largely positive.

Can had accustomed the players to alternation, launching one year a work of Forza Motorsport, very focused on simulation and competitions, then the following year a new Forza Horizon, more arcade style and immediate fun. But having no news from Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios since 2018 and the last excellent Forza Horizon 4V8 enthusiasts began to wonder if the series hadn’t made the breakdown hit.

It was not until the arrival of the new generation of Xbox that Microsoft’s motorsports license spoke about it again. To everyone’s surprise, no Motor sports On the horizon (yes, it was easy this one), the Xbox series will welcome a new arcade episode of the franchise Can, leaving the UK on the roads of Mexico. Let the disappointed be reassured though, because even if the simulation part of the license seems stuck on the booth until further notice, this new Horizon seems to want to set the bar very, very high.

ORn false air of Mission Impossible

Bigger, more content, more beautiful, more ambition, Forza Horizon 5 you’re ready to make your return through the front door. Specialist publishers were able to take over a preliminary version of the title a few weeks before its official release, and the least we can say is that they were conquered not only by the insolent beauty of the gamebut also for its crisp playability, and for the feeling of freedom it offers thanks to its gigantic open world. Press Review.

“The game is sublime. It is an adjective that we already use for the series, but here the mangroves, the beach, the mountains, the fields, the villages, everything is incredibly detailed, we find ourselves slowing down, we jump to the last report, observe, turn the camera. The world around us is alive, populated, beautiful. ” Caradisiac

“Forza Horizon 5 literally takes your breath away. It is one thing to watch this famous first race of the game on YouTube; quite another to participate with your controller in hand on a 4K screen that literally throws you into the heart of it … show. sensational, this little visual wildness that gives all its meaning to the next generation label. “ Gamekult

PhotoSUBWAYexico, mexiiiiiicoooooo

“What has made the Forza Horizon series so compelling over the years is not just the different environments that players have found themselves in (Australia, UK, etc.), but also the feeling of driving the many game cars in those environments. Forza Horizon 5 once again continues the tradition of the excellent driving franchise. ” GameSpot

“Forza Horizon 5 is more of a concentrate of fun, accompanied by a pop and colorful atmosphere that makes you want to go on vacation. Therefore, we are less in pure simulation, even if the driving sensations are there (good job on the grip of different surfaces) Of course, removing certain driving aids will offer a bit more of a challenge for purists. ” Numerama

PhotoORn incredible degree of detail

“Flying in the hands, this Mexico rebuilt by the Playground artists does not disappoint. It is easy to go from the asphalt to the side street, and there is always an element in the decoration that encourages exploration. Among the many terrains and dynamics In the climate, Forza Horizon 5 puts the driver’s skills to the test. As usual, there are plenty of options available to make it even more challenging if we ever find the basic challenge too easy. ” Videogames.com

“If Forza Horizon 5 works so well, it’s because it respects the legacy of Xbox racing games. But you don’t have to think about the past, because Forza Horizon 5 is the future. Even if not everyone agrees with the concept. Horizon games staple: The idea of ​​a traveling festival of car enthusiasts taking over a corner of the world for a year has never won me over. I don’t have much to say about the game to date. ” GamesRadar.com

PhotoGoodbye oaks, hello cactus

While the editorial team couldn’t try their luck on a full version of the game, they have already earned them. Indignant exceptional graphic design, this fifth episode of the license Forza Horizon turns out to be a game accessible to all thanks to an easily accessible gameplay, but which hides many subtleties. It remains to be seen what the single-player campaign has in store for players, whether it will offer a scenario worthy of the name, or whether it will be simple successive missions to complete. unlock all 400 available vehicles in the game.

Forza Horizon 5 will warm up the engines on November 9, 2021 on PC (via Steam and Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and Xbox One. It will also be available the same day on Xbox Game Pass, for console and PC subscribers.

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