€121 million in import duties paid on imports from the UK

Since January 1, 2021, merchandise trade with the UK has cleared customs. In addition to potential import duties, Dutch goods traders now also have to deal with administrative checks and procedures at the border.

Most products imported from the UK duty free

In the first eight months of 2021, the Netherlands imported for 15.3 billion euros on UK goods. 8.6 billion Euros from those imports are subject to a 0 percent tariff, because import tariffs have been reduced or eliminated around the world in recent decades under the guidance of the World Trade Organization (WTO). For the rest 6.6 billion The euro has, in principle, been subject to a European Union import duty since 2021, averaging 6.0 percent. Bee 4.5 billion euros of this, no import tariffs were paid thanks to the trade agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom. about the rest 2.1 billion Fees were paid in euros, resulting in 121 million euros in tariff costs for importers in the Netherlands.