Duchess Meghan retires: what are her plans now?

Duchess Meghan (41) is currently barely visible. Last week it was announced that her husband, Prince Harry (38), was alone for the coronation of her father, Carlos III. (74), travels to London. Meghan and the couple’s two children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, remain in Montecito, California.

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Many projects after moving to the US.

The fact that the Duchess of Sussex is missing out on Britain’s event of the year seems unusual at first glance. Last year she was still looking for the public. In December, for example, the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” aired. In it, the 41-year-old, who moved to the United States with Prince Harry in 2020, revealed how poorly she had fared behind British palace walls. She did something similar in 2021 in a major television interview with Oprah Winfrey (69). In 2022, Meghan also went with her “Archetypes” podcast on the air. In it, she spoke to celebrities, historians, and experts about the history of women’s stereotypes.

That’s why it is said that Meghan withdrew

There has been no word from Duchess Meghan in recent weeks. As the British newspaper The Telegraph reportsIt was an open secret among his friends in California that he had never intended to attend his father-in-law’s coronation. The fact that she’s not currently appearing in the US should come as a surprise.

One of the reasons Meghan prefers to be at home right now is that she has two young children. Archie’s fourth birthday falls on Charles’ coronation day, May 6. Lilibet will be two years old in June. The Sussexes have always made it clear how important their little family is to them.

According to “The Telegraph”, the fact that Meghan is not attending the coronation is also because she could see a return to Britain as a step back. The “British chapter of her life” that she wants to leave behind. According to the report, the duchess’s friends also point out that the portrayal of Meghan as a publicity-obsessed person was shown to be false by the cancellation of the coronation. Even if Harry and Meghan sparked speculation for months with their belated response to the invitation…

What comes after the retreat?

Rumors that Meghan is writing a book are said to be false, according to The Telegraph. In her place, the Duchess is planning other television projects, podcasts and blogs. She resigned from her lifestyle blog “The Tig” after it became known about her relationship with Prince Harry. After retiring from her as a working member of the Royals, she could now carry on with it. Plans are said to be already underway. So, will you be back soon with tips from her on cooking, travel, fashion, art, culture and health? According to rumors, fans could even get some real relationship advice.

In the television sector, the Sussexes and their company Archewell want to dedicate themselves to fiction projects after the documentary “Harry & Meghan”, and romantic comedies must not be ruled out either. No word yet on whether the Duchess will host a second season of her “Archetypes” Spotify podcast. There has also been speculation for months that Meghan could be aiming for a long-term political career.

Did the Sussexes go off?

Meghan would probably have to take a step back for that, too. According to tabloid reports, she and Prince Harry are currently not very welcome among other stars and celebrities in the United States. Fears of the two publicly unpacking again are said to be averted. More recently, the Sussexes were also in an episode of “South Park.” dragged along the earth with the title “Worldwide Privacy Tour”. The episode is supposed to be an allusion to Harry and Meghan being suing for their privacy on the one hand and always seeking publicity with interviews, Netflix documentaries and memoirs on the other.

Back to the spotlight

Meghan’s retirement shouldn’t last much longer. She is honored with a prestigious feminist award. As announced by the US Ms. Foundation for Women on its website gof, will receive this year’s Women of Vision Award. This will be awarded during a festive gala on May 16 in New York. Feminist icon and co-founder of the Foundation, Gloria Steinem (89), will personally present her award to Meghan, she says.

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