Does Cathy Hummels have problems with Boris Becker? She appears with Lilly now

Cathy Hummels has a clear opinion on the release of Boris Becker. Does that fall on your feet? The 34-year-old is unimpressed, and with Lilly Becker in tow.

Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for bankruptcy offenses in late April. “He fooled and fooled and fooled a lot of people,” the 34-year-old continued. “It’s just not right. Then you have to go to jail, just like anyone else if he did it.” Boris Becker too, only about seven months instead of the 15-month minimum sentence that was actually intended. He has been free since December 15, back in Germany and without punishment. Read more about it here.

Criminal charges against Cathy Hummels?

“Why is it coming out earlier now?” Cathy Hummels wondered. “He misled people, he ruined them. You have to put up with that. I’m dead serious.” Boris Becker himself has not commented on the accusations of the moderator. But according to information from the “Bild” newspaper, the 55-year-old man filed a criminal complaint with the Munich public prosecutor’s office. Presumably for defamation in public.

Article 186 regulates it in the Penal Code. Imprisonment terms of up to two years or fines may be imposed. At the request of t-online, neither Becker’s lawyer, Christian-Oliver Moser, nor the Munich public prosecutor commented on the events on Saturday. Whether Cathy Hummels now has problems with Boris Becker is not clear at the moment.

On the other hand, on Instagram you can see another special Hummels-Becker constellation. There Cathy Hummels and Lilly Becker were in high spirits after their vacation in Dubai. “We had fun,” Cathy Hummels writes in a video from the beach, both women walking hand in hand towards the camera, laughing out loud.

Lilly Becker sends Boris “greetings too”

In the “Bild” newspaper, Hummels responded to Becker’s alleged criminal complaint as follows: “I wish Boris Becker a good year 2023.” He also adds: “Now I’m going to have a coffee and meet Lilly Becker on the beach. She sends her regards too. Today we celebrate New Year’s Eve with the children.”

Just a few days ago, Boris Becker was quite cautious with his ex-wife, saying in an interview with Steven Gätjen on Saturday the 1st about the relationship with Lilly: “We have a difficult relationship.” The couple have their son Amadeus, who did not visit Boris Becker in prison; read more about it here. Cathy Hummels has now put the hashtag “Lion Mamas” under the joint video with Lilly Becker on Instagram.

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