Do you play Tetris games on your refrigerator? Samsung has a (literal) solution for this

Who here had a Samsung product? And who played Tetris? What’s more, who has not been desperate to put products in the fridge so that everything fits, like in a real Tetris game? Now Samsung has brought it all together in one concept.

The tech and appliance maker has partnered with The Tetris Company to create Tetris-shaped refrigerator food storage boxes. All profits will be donated to the European Federation of Food Banks.

Samsung and The Tetris Company have teamed up in a solidarity campaign and created a product that promises great creative use for the refrigerator.

A Tetris game for your fridge, for a good cause

Both companies have created food preservation containers in an effort to help reduce food waste. In addition, all profits from the sale of this seemingly simple product will be donated to the European Federation of Food Banks and an additional € 10 will be donated to FESBAL (Spanish Federation of Food Banks) to help those affected by the Cumbre Vieja volcano. on La Palma.

The product concept contributes greatly to what we all face on a daily basis, especially during a day of shopping or a day to prepare meals for the week. Trying to store everything on the refrigerator shelves turns Tetris into a real game.

These boxes in the form of Tetris blocks in the respective colors – light blue, yellow, purple, green, blue, red and orange – are called Samsung Stackers and appear as the first kitchen utensil of its kind.

This is a limited edition available in various European countries, namely Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Greece, France and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Portugal is excluded from this list.

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