distribution contract with the British group ION Science

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(Boursier.com) — TERA Group announced the signing of a contract for the distribution of its state-of-the-art sensors to measure air quality by the British group ION Science, specialized in the distribution and OEM manufacture of sensors for gas detection, based on technology of photoionization.

Non-exclusive, except in the UK where TERA Group has little presence, this distribution agreement completes the portfolio of ION Science, which will now be able to strengthen its position in the air quality monitoring sector by offering its customers the TERA Group sensor , recognized for its robustness, its small size and the accuracy of its real-time measurements of fine particles and other volatile compounds. TERA Group, in turn, will benefit from ION Science’s powerful global distribution network, strengthening the indirect channel of its balanced marketing strategy. In the long term, the partnership could extend beyond the distribution agreement and relate to Groupe TERA’s supply of its sensors for integration into solutions developed by ION Science.

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