Deutschlandfunk 9th Sports Conference – Get out of the offside trap!

The 9th Sports Conference on Deutschlandfunk is about women in sports information. (DLF Sport)

“Do you even have permission to be away from the kitchen?” ZDF soccer reporter Claudia Neumann hears or reads those slogans over and over again. Ever since she was used as a live commentator at the European Football Championship in 2016, she has been dealing with degradation, insolence, and even hatred.

The reason: he dared to enter a male domain. And this is also a great success. Sport, as perhaps the most popular leisure time activity for Germans, reflects gender relations and not just in reports.

Reduced to external

Outside of the Olympics and Paralympics, not only do female athletes appear in the media much less frequently than female athletes, but they are often reduced to superficialities, even undisguised sexisms, even.

A male dominance that has consequences, especially with boys: significantly more boys than girls are physically active. Boys are much more likely to choose female athletes as role models than girls are to female athletes.

Would more women in sports journalism ensure more balanced coverage and attract more women overall? Or do you have to go through the processes established in the newsrooms to be able to get ahead professionally? Y: What has happened since the well-known soccer reporters Sabine Töpperwien and Claudia Neumann started?

We will discuss this with sports journalists and athletes at the sports conference in Deutschlandfunk on November 18, 2021 starting at 6 pm The face-to-face event is complete. The event can be followed on the live broadcast. The link for the broadcast will be posted on this page well in advance.

The program on November 18, 2021

From 5:00 p.m.
Registration (participation only according to 3G standard)

6 pm

Astrid rawohl
Head of Sport Deutschlandradio

Friederike Sittler
President of the Association of Women Journalists

Jonah Teichmann
Program Director Deutschlandradio

6.15 pm
Impulse “Crouching does not help. Offensive against a sports-political Neanderthal”

Claudia Neumann
ZDF Reporter

6.30 pm
Discussion panel
How are journalists doing when it comes to reporting?

Anna kraft
RTL reporter

Julia Metzner
Sportreporterin SWR

Stephanie baczyk
ARD-Sports reporter
Bianka Schreiber-Rietig
Sports policy blogger “Sportspitze (n)”

Claudia Neumann
ZDF Reporter

Discussion leader:
Marina Schweizer, Deutschlandfunk

BBC microphone

World Cup 2018 – commentator attack
Claudia Neumann has received severe criticism for her World Cup matches commented on on social media. Vicki Sparks, a BBC World Cup commentator, has to put up with something similar in Britain.

Break at 7.30pm

19.45 p. M.
“Men’s bastion sport: how women are structurally excluded”

Ilse Hartmann-Tews

8 pm
Discussion panel

Shary reeves
Presenter and former soccer player

Irmgard Bensusan

Saskia Aleythe
Sports editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung

Nina probst
Sports journalist “”

Ilse Hartmann-Tews

Discussion leader:
Diemuth Roether, journalistinnenbund

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