“Despite the difficulties, the double transition that the United Kingdom has just experienced shows a healthy democracy”

HASAfter Elizabeth II’s funeral, what does the future hold for post-Elizabethan Britain? Whatever one thinks of the system of monarchy within a democracy, immense respect is owed for the seventy years the Queen has devoted to her role as impartial head of state and her unifying role in the country and beyond. there. That being said, much of what she embodied is in question today.

The Queen represented the almost paradoxical unity of four nations in one: the United Kingdom. From now on, it is very possible that Scotland will leave the British union to join the European Union. As for Northern Ireland, it increasingly sees its future alongside the Republic of Ireland, as a kind of informal member of the European Union. Britain, even if it is not limited to a union of England and Wales, will need a constitutional reorganization.

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Elizabeth II also represented continuity, security, certainty. But today’s Britain is battling double-digit inflation, spiraling public debt, a likely recession and chronic productivity problems while being led by an inexperienced Prime Minister, Liz Truss, heading a cabinet that has barely had a chance to prove himself. Furthermore, despite the optimism that characterizes Ms. Truss, 69% of respondents to a recent opinion poll believe that the country is “in decline”.

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Queen Elizabeth II has not only inherited the respect and attention of the world, she has earned it herself. So she was probably the most famous woman in the world for decades. An estimated one billion people saw her cameo, escorted by James Bond, at the 2012 London Olympics. Following the news of her death, NASA tweeted: “We join the planet in paying a final tribute to it. » Part of this fascination carried over to the United Kingdom, this State of which it was the constitutional incarnation and emblem. However, after Brexit, the country’s position and influence are now at an all time low.

Elizabeth II further facilitated the transition from the British Empire to the Commonwealth and the transformation of the United Kingdom from a great imperial power to a mid-sized Euro-Atlantic power. But several of the former dominions and colonies of which she was still head of state are seriously considering dispensing with the services of her successor, King Charles III. Commonwealth expert Philip Murphy even talks about a possible “run out”. Be that as it may, more and more pressing voices will be raised for Carlos III to recognize and redeem the damage caused by colonization.

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