Debates in UK Parliament: Will Andrew and Harry’s status be removed?

Parliament discusses the change
Will Andrew and Harry be fired?

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are currently Councilors of State. With this status they could, in an emergency, King Carlos III. represent. This may end soon, because the British Parliament wants to change this regulation.

The British Parliament is currently debating whether to change a previous law so that Prince Andrew and Prince Harry no longer rule in an emergency.

The two royals currently remain “councillors of state.” This means that they can officially perform important constitutional functions in case the current king is ill or abroad. For example, they could carry out official functions such as signing documents or receiving ambassadors, as well as attending meetings of the political advisory body.

This position stems from a 1937 law that said the monarch’s wife and the four royals in the line of succession over the age of 21 could hold this position. This currently applies to the King’s wife Camilla, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice.

Titles are said to go to “working royalty”.

However, some in Parliament now want to adapt the law to the latest circumstances. It is time for “sensitive changes”, there it says according to the BBC. So the Liberals are working to ensure that the titles go to “working royals”, “someone who actually performs royal duties”. After all, Prince Harry no longer lives in Britain and Prince Andrew has retired from public life.

King Carlos III must agree with the change in the law according to “mirror” they have already given According to royal experts, Prince Edward and Princess Anne could be appointed as the new “Councillors of State” instead of Andrew and Harry.

(This article was first published on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.)

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