Crypto Eats, the Uber Eats of cryptocurrencies that stole more than $ 500,000 in minutes

Food delivery services were already very popular, but with the pandemic their importance has increased. So many companies saw a new business opportunity here. Now, adding this reality to cryptocurrencies, a company was formed in the United Kingdom that promised competition to Uber Eats, but with cryptocurrency payment options: Crypto Eats.

After the promotion by various “influencers” of social networks and thousands of dollars in virtual currencies, the creators have disappeared.

Cryptocurrencies devour a promising business

Thanks to the Internet, it is possible, with a quick search, to find news in last week’s blogs that reveal the possibility of an early launch of a food delivery application. Crypto Eats would apparently launch in early 2022 as an option for delivery that accepted virtual currencies as a payment method.

We have seen that some of this news is available online, but we have also found others that appear in searches but have been removed from the site. In addition to the news, some influencers also promoted the company to boost sales. There were even work uniforms for Crypto Eats couriers.

In a press release, Crypto Eats said:

How could such a simple idea of ​​accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for food delivery attract so much interest from the crypto community? … CryptoEats is the first practical step in enabling people to use cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for everyday goods in the real world.

Everything seemed credible and last Sunday there was even an event to showcase the service and the launch of a new EATS token that Binance Currencies (BNB) could buy through decentralized exchanges.

Theft of more than $ 500,000 in minutes

As soon as the service was launched and the first EATS token purchases began to take place, the creators disappeared, leaving more than $ 500,000 in BNB.

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This is another diet classified as pull the rug, where bogus companies take investors’ money and disappear.

As it is not an unprecedented case, the truth is that it is surprising how quickly everything happened. First some rumors, then a press release, the launch of the service, obtaining the first customers and “puff”… they disappear. All this in a few days.

Influencers paid to promote the company have publicly distanced themselves from the customer scam and are also victims of the scam.

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