Crealogix Study Shows: Investors Expect More Crypto Education Offerings

As part of a study of Swiss Fintech company Crealogix converted a total of 801 investors and 150 banks and wealth managers to cryptocurrency earlier this year. NFTs and their role in established banks and asset managers.

The Crealogix team looked at crypto investing and markets in Switzerland, Germany, and the UK earlier this year. Beside general study the German-speaking markets were also separated in the Swiss Y Germany analyzed.

Cryptocurrency acceptance has increased

It turned out that in Germany the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is lower compared to Great Britain and Switzerland. Germany has the highest proportion of non-crypto investors at 62%. More than half of current German crypto investors prefer or already use traditional banks for crypto services.

12% of all respondents invest in NFTs. According to the authors, this demonstrates that there is a growing need for client education. The study sees one of the main differences between current and future investors in the knowledge of the form of investment and the blockchain issue.

According to the authors, the topic of cryptography is not yet very accessible and largely incomprehensible to many outsiders. Therefore, financial institutions should be more aware of blockchain technology and the opportunities and possibilities of report.

The top reason given by surveyed investors in Germany and Switzerland for cryptocurrency investments is the rapid growth of money, followed by retirement savings and long-term investments.

Crypto investing is mainstream

The study comes to a positive conclusion and does not doubt that cryptocurrency and NFT trading have become commonplace in the investment arena. Crypto services are attractive to many investors, with banks and wealth management firms filling existing knowledge and service gaps.

When considering investment objectives, there is a great need for advice and information for existing and potential crypto investors, and service aspects are the focus for many. The study sees the areas that can be developed and the expertise of financial service providers as a great opportunity to expand and build customer relationships in the cryptocurrency sector.

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