Cordel Group plc launches SaaS solution for automated metering and customs clearance for global rail operators

Cordel Group PLC announced the launch of Automated Intelligent Settlement (AIC), an automated settlement and settlement solution delivered in SaaS mode. AIC enables global rail operators to optimize the use of their networks for revenue-generating trains. Building on its multi-year commitment to Network Rail in the UK and fueled by demand from the world’s largest railways, Cordel is launching AIC as an enterprise framework solution solving clearance and track gauge issues. for all types of railway networks. Smart clearance and gauge are essential to maximize the effective capacity of the infrastructure to run trains of different shapes and sizes at different speeds.

AIC helps ensure gauge and clearance data is up-to-date, accurate and complete to optimize infrastructure usage while maintaining sufficient space around moving trains. Cordel has partnered with D/Gauge Ltd, a recognized leader in gauge services. AIC combines D/Gauge’s specialized expertise with Cordel’s AI (artificial intelligence) technology to detect assets on rail corridors and extensive automated authorization data sets.

Together, they provide a differentiated and efficient solution for rail operators to quickly and efficiently obtain comprehensive gauge and clearance information for all projects, plans and routes on their network. AIC benefits include: More accurate smart ratings that increase the effective capacity of rail infrastructure, enabling larger and more frequent passenger and freight trains to run, increasing rail operating revenue. A more agile and complete evaluation of new types of non-standard loads, facilitating the transfer of goods from road to rail, with the associated reduction in carbon emissions.

More current and up-to-date ratings, which help railways make the most of rolling stock innovations and seamlessly introduce new trains. Better targeting of infrastructure investment resources to the most stringent authorizations that will show returns, helping to optimize investment spending.

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