Controversy in Scotland after the appointment of a man to promote free tampons and sanitary pads

This is a historical first in the world. From Monday August 15, hygiene products are free in Scotland. Scottish local authorities and schools now make free tampons and sanitary pads available to all women, thanks to a menstrual poverty law passed in November 2020. To promote and enforce this new law, the British country has opted to nominate…man. This is Jason Grant, a former personal trainer who will be responsible for visiting schools, colleges and universities to promote this legislation and make sure it is properly funded. The first “Dignity Rules Officer” has been appointed for two years.

In the UK, this nomination does not pass. Former tennis player Martina Navratilova in particular denounced a “ridiculous” decision on Twitter. “Have we ever tried to teach men how to shave or take care of their prostate? It’s stupid”, she added. The former athlete is not the only one outraged by this election. On Twitter, women are stepping up. This is particularly the case for Susan Dalgety, a newspaper columnist and women’s rights activist. “I can’t understand how anyone thought it was such a good idea to name a boy.“, she has the…

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