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A report just released by an independent think tank highlights the global companies that have done the most to oppose effective climate policies around the world. ExxonMobil and Chevron rank first and second on the list of culprits, which is no surprise. But right behind them, in third place, is the Japanese auto giant Toyota.

The new report, Corporate Climate Policy Footprint, was produced by the UK-based group InfluenceMap, which looks at the effect of trade and financial policies on and combating climate change. Toyota ranks third among disbelievers, sanctioned for exerting a “negative influence” among global companies in their fight to counter climate policies linked to the Paris agreement on climate change.

In particular, its reluctance to aggressively start to abandon internal combustion engines and hybrid powertrains in 2020 and 2021 is notable, as many other automakers implemented aggressive plans to go electric.

The list of baddies includes other automakers, but they are far behind Toyota. BMW is 18th, Daimler 24th and Hyundai is just behind at 25th., 100% online, buy your car, buy online and we will send it to you in Quebec.

Scope 4 Impact
This is what the think tank calls the disproportionate influence that big companies exert, according to him, on the progress – or the lack of progress – of climate policies and regulations implemented by governments, which he considers much more important than any specific change. to products or manufacturing processes.

According to the report, a company like Toyota should be judged on the way it cooperates with governments, or even pushes them to adopt more aggressive anti-climate policies, just as it is judged on its own emissions.

In case you’re wondering, some automakers have done relatively well in expert group evaluations. Last month, this group released a report identifying the big companies that it says are working positively to implement ambitious climate policies. The first automaker on this list? Tesla, in fifth position. Other automakers cited for their positive moves include Volvo, Volkswagen and Honda.

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