Cliches all over the world. The English, all football fans?

Francis has been wearing red and white since childhood. Like every start of the season, this forty-year-old Englishman puts on the Arsenal shirt before going to the stadium. There he will find his friends, the same ones he has always had. The north London club opens the Premier League against another team from the capital: Crystal Palace. “It’s something we look forward to every year. I feel like we’ve been doing this forever. It’s almost routine!This father is happy. Obviously, I prefer Arsenal to win, but deep down it’s not that important.”

“It’s an opportunity to get together, sing, drink a pint or two, chamber the opponents.”

Arsenal supporter

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As always, the passion was passed on to him by his father, who lives in the Arsenal district. In England, in this highly communitarian society, belonging is fundamental. Where you come from, your city, your neighborhood, everything is important. Whether they are politicians, singers, writers, everyone has a favorite team that they openly support.

Liverpool is one of the giants of English football. If his followers are viscerally linked to the club, the important thing is above all the community they form among themselves. “And it goes far beyond the framework of football”, says Ian Byrne, deputy for Liverpool. With many Atletico fans, they have launched food aid for those most in need. “Last year we fed 40,000 people. Liverpool and Everton fans were togethercontinues the British elected official. And it’s happening all over the country! Those of Manchester United, Manchester City, Newcastle do exactly the same. This sense of solidarity exists in our football, outside of matches.”

The national team attracts less attention, except in the case of good results in a European championship or a World Cup match. Hence the national fervor for the title of European champions for English footballers in July 2022.

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