China Shows Off Hi-Tech Attack Helicopter Helmets That Can Aim Deadly Machine Guns Using Pilot’s Eyesight in Chilling Video

CHINA showcased its ultra-high-tech helmets for attack helicopters that can target killer machine guns using the pilot’s sights.

Chilling images show the helmets with the automatic aiming function controlled by the eye movements of the pilot.

High-tech helmets can point cannons at a target depending on the pilot’s sight.


Chilling video shows attack helicopters during drills

The video, shared by the Chinese military on the Weibo social networking site, shows how the death helmet worked during combat training.

The high-tech helmet was also used by pilots of the Z-10 attack helicopter during military exercises, according to the Global Times.

The Z-10, which is equipped with the latest technology, was used in exercises near Taiwan last year.

The outlet says the “specially made” helmet “can display all the key metrics and battlefield dynamics right on the visor” and can be used by the pilot to aim “while the weapons are pointed at the point where the pilot looks through the helmet”.

It comes after the UK, Russia, US, China and France issued a rare joint statement admitting “no one can win a nuclear war” amid fears of an upcoming Third World War.

Tensions are rising between China and Washington, mainly over Taiwan, raising fears of a world war.

Beijing has vowed to one day take over Taiwan, by force if necessary, as they consider it part of their territory.

After China dispatched a record number of military aircraft to its air defense zone, the Taiwanese president warned that his country “will do everything in its power to defend itself.”

The United States has pledged to support Taiwan if Beijing continues to try to exert influence in the region.

China is known for aggressively building its military and positioning itself against the United States, extending its reach around the world, such as in Africa.

Last month, it was revealed that China was developing a hypersonic aircraft capable of carrying ten people anywhere on Earth in an hour.

The country is also developing a 6,000mph nuclear missile engine that is said to be based on a design abandoned by NASA because it is too expensive.

The high-tech helmet was also used by the pilots of the Z-10 attack helicopter.


The high-tech helmet was also used by the pilots of the Z-10 attack helicopter.

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