Chester Zoo UK shares rare video of endangered rat snake hatching from egg

Snakes may be one of the most dangerous reptiles on the planet, but when they are born, they have an appearance of innocence. If you’re still not convinced, the UK-based Chester Zoo has a video showing how snakes hatch from their eggs when they enter this world. Instagram video shared over the weekend shows the night vision camera capturing the exact moment the baby snake emerged from its egg.

What made the development even more special was the fact that it was a species of snake that was declared endangered due to habitat loss. The little snake was seen absorbing the sight that greeted her with its large round eyes. Captioning the video, Chester Zoo wrote: “Baby snakes. How amazing is it to see these baby snakes emerging from their eggs? These are the first Moellendorff rat snakes to be born at the zoo. The birth of a snake is filmed, said the Chester Zoo: “This incredible moment has rarely been filmed. These babies are cause for celebration as this incredible species is threatened by habitat loss and its fur is used to make bags and shoes. ”

The Instagram post has been viewed more than 28,000 times since it was shared on the social media platform on Friday. Netizens also shared their reaction to the news in the comment section, as one user wrote, “They are wonderful curious creatures! It is good to see representations of snakes, they are often overlooked but they are fantastic animals. While another user congratulated the reptilian baby and wrote: “Absolutely adorable. “

Moellendorff rat snakes, also known as the flowering snake or the red-headed snake, are known for their strikingly patterned skin. They have a red tail with irregular orange stripes edged with black. They are mainly found in the caves of the deciduous forests of the plains of northern Vietnam and southern China. Their color and pattern make them so vulnerable to poaching for bags, shoes, and belts.

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