Charles is the new King of England.

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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the new British King Charles and his wife Camilla stay at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday night. Charles was deeply saddened by the death of his mother.

As the palace announced, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully on Thursday at the age of 96 at her Scottish estate, Balmoral Castle.

Isabel II is succeeded by her son Carlos (73). He will initially stay in Balmoral and return to London on Friday. The queen’s grandson, Prince William (40), is the heir to the throne. Second in line to the throne is now 9-year-old Prince George.

His siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, have passed their Uncle Harry in the line of succession. Princes no longer precede princesses in the Windsor line of succession. This puts William’s younger brother in fifth place. Prince Harry’s son Archie is sixth, daughter Lilibet is number seven.

“We are mourning the loss of a dear sovereign and a much loved mother,” Charles said Thursday night. He added: “I know the loss of him deeply affects the entire country.”

In the statement from Prime Minister Liz Truss (47), she named the new monarch: King Carlos III. The palace later confirmed that this will be the new monarch’s title.

the era is coming to an end

Elizabeth II reigned longer than any other British monarch before her. She was head of state for Great Britain and Northern Ireland and more than a dozen other countries, including Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. With her death, an era comes to an end.

It had previously been speculated that the previous heir to the throne might choose one of his three other names. The 73-year-old’s full name is Charles Philip Arthur George.

Although the British monarch had no political power, she was considered one of the most important personalities of our time. With an unquestioning sense of duty and perseverance from her, she led the country through great changes.

Years ago, careful plans were made for what would happen after the Queen’s death. According to the UK Foreign Press Association, a state funeral is expected to be held ten days after her death.

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