Channel 4 will finally not be privatized

By Carlos PIRES, the

UK leaders have been on the fence about whether to privatize the operator for years. Channel 4.

The last recommendation comes from the Secretary of State for Culture, which recommends abandoning the privatization of Canal 4 considering that a sale at this stage would not be the right decision.

In a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Michelle Donelan said Channel 4’s role in supporting the independent production sector I would be very disturbed by a sale at a time when growth and economic stability are our priorities .

It is not the first time that opinions against privatization have been heard, but the final decision was finally made by the current resident of number 10 Downing Street. Channel 4 will not be privatized and will instead remain in public ownership, with reforms to help strengthen its sustainability and commercial freedom, Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan said.

Channel 4 celebrated the decision to stay safe in the hands of the british people saying it would allow the station to further support creative jobs and skills across the UK.

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