But by the way, why doesn’t the UK have the same team?

Everything goes back to the 19th century “the story is that it was the English who invented football“recalls Fred Waseige. The first international confrontation between the English and the Scots on November 29, 1872, the same poster as the closing poster of the second day of Group D. At that time, football was mostly British.”They were thirty-two years ahead of FIFA: they were already organizing their international matches with a competition between them at the end of the 19th century.“explains the RTBF consultant.

British football is structured, the four countries each create their federation. FIFA was founded in 1904, but these four federations are already very powerful … too powerful. “When FIFA is created, the other countries protest ‘we do not want a unifying country’, because England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales together, would have been impossible to beat!“Specifies Fred Waseige. FIFA decides, the federations of the four countries will not be unified.

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Since then, it hasn’t changed! Except for the Olympics. The Olympic Committee works differently. The British are united as Great Britain. Except that the United Kingdom never presents a team in football because each team wants to maintain its identity and independence. But for the London Olympics in 2012, the British are obliged to present a team, benefiting from the place reserved for the host country. The federations of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are closing the door.

Fred Waseige says: “In fact, everything is very politicized. If Scotland did not want to play for Great Britain it is for fear of disappearing, they want to maintain their sovereignty. The link between football and politics is very strongIn the end, the team will consist mostly of English and some Welsh players, this reunited team will be eliminated in the quarterfinals against South Korea.

It is not the first time that politics has entered football. “Spain has wanted for a long time that Andorra is not recognized by football organizations, so that it does not give independence ideas to Catalonia for example“, explains Frédéric Waseige.

The rivalry between the two British neighbors is therefore more than football. Now you have an anecdote to tell this Friday night against England – Scotland. A meeting to follow live video on our antennas.

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