Bugatti opens new showroom in Manchester

The UK, historically one of Bugatti’s main markets, recently hosted a second Bugatti showroom and service workshop in Manchester, Cheshire.

This showroom, which is the first in the UK and the second in Europe to sport the new Bugatti visual identity, was designed and configured in association with the Sytner Group, and is Bugatti’s second showroom in Great Britain. Britain with London, led by the HR Owen group.

“The exclusivity of our partner network and the high standards that we set for everyone at Bugatti force us to select the right partners if we want to develop in a country like the UK,” explains Guy Caquelin, Regional Director Europe by Bugatti. . “With Sytner Group, we were able to do this by establishing an excellent presence in Manchester. “

This showroom houses a showroom in which the Veyron and Chiron models can be seen, as well as a lounge area and a boutique to get acquainted with the brand’s universe. The workshop, whose walls hang giant images of Molsheim productions, will host French supercars for maintenance, overhauls and repairs of all kinds.

Photo credit: Bugatti

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