Brutal RTL summer season: why it’s a terrible idea

Apparently, the jungle camp will exist twice in 2024.Image: RTL / Stefan Thoyah


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2024 celebrates “I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here!” its twentieth anniversary on RTL. As usual, there will be a regular season in January, but according to “DWDL” things will not stop there: the station wants to launch an additional edition in the summer. Most likely, this will come with some changes that may not be of interest to the main audience.

A look at Britain provides a clue, as a stellar season of the original series “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” aired there. officially announced and filmed last year. If the German branch follows this approach, the reasons for excitement are very limited.

Jungle camp: a major change is imminent

As “DWDL“, according to reports, the summer season episodes will not be produced in Australia, but in South Africa. The fifteenth regular season also took place here. But the really extraordinary: The new episodes are supposedly pre-produced, which has several consequences.

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According to the report, RTL will first download the summer season on the RTL+ streaming service, and only then will the jungle camp special be added to the linear program. This alone already leaves an unpleasant aftertaste to the station’s confidence in the special edition.

Djamila Rowe (M.) is the queen of the jungle 2023!  The two moderators, Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen, are happy for her.  The use of material related to the transmission is only permitted with reference and link...

Djamila Rowe won the last regular jungle camp.Image: RTL/Stefan Thoyah

Since events are not shown daily, the audience will not be able to vote this time. a big disadvantage, because the show thrives on the fact that week two celebrities are fretting about their progress at the campfire at the end of each episode and Sonja Zietlow hisses, “It’s you… (no/maybe).”

This inevitably raises the question: How do you actually decide which star will advance and which will fly?

Jungle Camp: More brutal, but probably not better

The stellar edition of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” was screened in Great Britain. on television in the spring and it is very likely that RTL will adopt the concept.

Here it was simply determined through testing who was allowed to remain in the program. Whoever won kept going, whoever lost had to give up. In the British version, singer Myleene Klass triumphed and was named “I’m a Celebrity Legend.”

This makes it clear: it is not the nicest or the most charismatic celebrity who wins the spin-off, but simply the person with the strongest nerves and perhaps in the best condition. Anthony McPartlin, host of the British jungle camp, explained this approach:

“It’s pretty brutal, that’s how we pick the winner.”

The idea of ​​choosing the queen or king of the jungle based solely on evidence can be brutal, but at the same time it makes the format more predictable and therefore much more boring. “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” In some ways, it is similar to the Federal Youth Games and, as we all know, no one likes them.

Celebrities don’t have the opportunity to convince through their character, it’s all about performance. It wasn’t well received by TV audiences in Britain, so why should it be any different in Germany next year?

For example in

This change alone is likely to significantly reduce the summer jungle camp, and it’s not yet known which celebrities will be at the start. But the fear is: not even Désirée Nick could save this spin-off.

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