British woman, suffering from rare disease, vomits 30 times a day, will soon undergo surgery

A 27-year-old woman from Leeds, England suffers from a rare condition that has left her in extreme pain. The woman suffers from gastroparesis, an exhausting disease that has led her to vomit up to 30 times a day.

Emily Webster said her entire life fell apart after she became violently ill in 2016. According to LeedsLive, the woman has suffered from the condition for five years.

Emily explained that doctors initially informed her that she had a common illness called SCI, but that it later turned out to be an incurable disease.

According to reports, around six percent of people in the UK suffer from gastroparesis. In this rare disease, the stomach is partially paralyzed and cannot normally empty itself of food.

The woman spent the last years of her life in the hospital, but is now due to undergo surgery on November 11 this year.

You will have a gastric pacemaker. The device would regulate your digestive system and improve your life.

The surgery costs a staggering £ 9,500 (Rs 9,000,000) for which Emily has launched a fundraiser.

Emily said that she believed this surgery would be the most special Christmas gift, as she said that over the years she missed many important moments in her life. She also couldn’t celebrate Christmas with her family or attend her best friend’s wedding.

She is very sad about it, but since the operation is over, she hopes for a new life. Emily, on her fundraising website, said that there was a time when her weight dropped to just 31kg, which is usually the weight of a 10-year-old girl.

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