British Man Reports His Wife To Police After Admitting To Stealing Rs 7 Lakh While She Slept

In an unusual incident in the UK, a man reported his wife to the police after she confessed to stealing while sleeptalking. For Ruth Ford, a 47-year-old nursing assistant, it seems that the confession of her crimes came inadvertently while she slept. According to a report in LadBible, Ruth stole £7,200 (Rs. 7,29,766) from a wheelchair-bound woman she was supposed to care for in a nursing home. It was Ruth’s husband, Antony, who eventually discovered that she had stolen the disabled woman’s money and continued to report her to the police.

LadBible reports that Antonio became suspicious of Ruth after spending a family vacation in Mexico. His suspicions were proven a month later when he was woken up by Ruth’s mutterings of money and found the disabled woman’s debit card in her wallet.

Antony, 61, told LadBible: ‘I got suspicious when Ruth started spending too much. It was more of an instinct really, at first. But when I found the debit card in her bag, I knew. It was heartbreaking. Antoine said that although he loves his wife “deeply”, he could not ignore what she had done. Speaking to LadBible, Antony said: “I found it hateful that she could steal from a vulnerable person and I had to report it. »

Antony, a microbiologist by training, said: “One night in August 2018 I picked Ruth up from work and she told me that she had taken one of the nursing home residents shopping that day, the. Ruth had told her husband that The lady, who was in a wheelchair, had £98,000 in her bank account.Sharing her thoughts on Ruth’s eye on the woman’s bank balance, Antony told LadBible: “Something about the way she spoke made let my heart sink. I realized that Ruth must have access to the card and the PIN.

Ruth had been away from work because of her epilepsy and was currently mumbling about money in her sleep. Antony said he woke up to find Ruth’s bag on the floor with some notes on it. “I got up to hand it to her and in her bag I saw the debit card. It all fell into place and I felt completely grossed out. I could not believe it. When Ruth woke up, I confronted her and she confessed everything to me. The couple broke up and Antony reported her to the police.

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