British Airways flies back to South Africa | Free Press

The return trip is now possible for stranded passengers. In Britain, however, a ten-day hotel quarantine awaits them.

London (AP) – British Airways is resuming its flight connections to South Africa after a temporary stoppage due to the Omikron bypass. The first flights to the country should take off again on Monday, an airline spokesperson announced to the German press agency upon request.

Flights from South Africa should start again on Wednesday (December 1). The goal is to help people who have had trouble getting home due to the temporary flight stoppage.

Britain has put South Africa and several other African countries on the so-called red list due to the spread of the worrisome omicron variant of the coronavirus. For those returning from these countries, this means that they are required to quarantine a hotel for ten days at their expense after entering the country.

The British government announced Thursday that it would temporarily halt all flights from South Africa and five other southern African countries. This temporary decision was made mainly to be able to create sufficient capacity for hotel quarantine, explained a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport.

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