Britain’s ‘worst McDonalds’ has been criticized for its ‘cold’ burgers that taste like ‘cardboard’ and its ‘standing up’ staff

A MCDONALD’S has been called the “worst McDonald’s in the UK” by diners who claim the restaurant serves cardboard-flavored burgers.

The Kingswinford branch, near Dudley, West Midlands, has just two stars on TripAdvisor after a wave of negative reviews from disappointed customers.

A McDonald’s branch in the West Midlands has been called the ‘worst McDonald’s in the UK’Credit: Getty
Kingswinford branch near Dudley has just two stars on TripAdvisor after a wave of negative reviewsCredit: Google

Various disgruntled comments speak of their terrible experiences at the classic fast food franchise, from the bland food to the slow service.

Some reviews accused the staff of “chatting and standing”, as well as regularly receiving cold meals.

One reviewer called the branch the worst McDonald’s in the West Midlands, telling customers that nearby Greggs was a much better option for hungry customers.

They wrote: “Complaining to team leaders does nothing. Food quality is poor. Most of the reviews on this platform and others like Just Eat confirm this. Watch out! »

One person described their burger as “cardboard” flavored.

Birmingham Live sent reporter Dayna Farrington to the branch to see if the branch lived up to her meager expectations, but instead she arrived to find a very full parking lot at 11:30 a.m. on a Tuesday.

Despite the high demand, Dayna said the tables were tidy inside, but there was no staff behind the counter when she entered the restaurant.

Received her food promptly, staff member was said to be polite and provided everything she asked for.

She wrote: “Ordered a large quarter pounder meal with fries and an Oasis; a chicken nugget Happy Meal with a bottle of orange juice (it came with a choice of sauce, so I went for ketchup); an apple pie; and a luxurious hot chocolate. »

Although she was concerned the food was cold, Dayna said her fries were “very hot”, she got everything she ordered and couldn’t go wrong, admitting she was “pleasantly surprised”.

She said: “It wasn’t as bad as the critics said. Whether based on what time I visited, as I mentioned, I was there around 11:30am on a Tuesday in January. »

McDonald’s press office said customer satisfaction was one of its top priorities and that bad reviews made up “a small proportion of the thousands of customers served each day”.

A spokesperson said: “If a customer has a complaint, we encourage them to speak to a member of the restaurant team or contact our customer service team. »

Customers reported that the burgers tasted like cardboard and were ice cold.
Customers reported that the burgers tasted like cardboard and were ice cold.Credit: Alamy

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