Britain: Boris Johnson swiftly returns from summit on private jet

Boris Johnson causes a stir again. However, dealing with a former minister suspected of corruption gives him resistance even within his own ranks.

There is a lot to report from the World Climate Conference: it was about investing billions in forests, world leaders who promised to reduce CO2 emissions and Greta thunbergwho led rebellious chants. But it was other news from COP26 in Glasgow that caused a special stir. Namely, the fact that the prime minister Boris johnson Not only did he not wear a mask there sometimes and then he would return to Glasgow in a private jet London flew instead of sitting on a train for four hours.

When he arrived in the capital, the 57-year-old unleashed a much bigger scandal: by trying to protect a deputy suspected of corruption from punishment and, according to observers, he not only shook the foundations of democracy, but also his own Party against them. The scandal began after Boris Johnson asked Tory MPs to vote against the 30-day suspension of a former minister involved in corruption allegations, against the recommendation of an independent committee.

Owen Paterson, Conservative MP from the United Kingdom for North Shropshire.

Photo: Stefan Roussea, PA Wire, dpa (file image)

The former minister is Owen Paterson. He is accused, among other things, of violating lobbying rules by receiving payments for consulting activities from two companies, around £ 500,000. In addition, the Conservatives wanted to establish a new committee to control misconduct in parliament, most of which should be taken care of by themselves.

The storm of outrage over Boris Johnson’s forceful announcement to vote against Owen Paterson’s suspension was swift, also from within the Conservative Party. Under such pressure, Johnson finally turned around. MPs should now be able to vote again “as soon as possible” on Paterson’s suspension, he said yesterday.

Weather protection and short-haul flights: no problem for Johnson

He also noted that he would also refrain from establishing a committee chaired by a Conservative MP. In fact, this is just one of many episodes in which Johnson briefly changed his mind. But for him it was not a contradiction to first emphasize how important it is to protect the climate and then take a short-haul flight.

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