Brexit news: German journalist admits Britain ‘let us down’

The UK cut ties with the European Union after signing a post-Brexit trade deal at 11am late last year. Boris Johnson ended the 47-year-old British membership and celebrated New England’s sovereignty, insisting that the country was out of conflict. Despite Brexit, Britain is now on an “economic highway,” and Gabor Stingart acknowledges that Britain fared better than Germany during the pandemic.

The UK is making progress with its coronavirus vaccination program. According to our World in Data statistics, 40 percent of the entire UK population is vaccinated, compared to just 19 percent in Germany.

The European Union has seen its next disaster, and countries that support vaccination have partnered with vaccine maker AstraZeneca to solve emerging production distribution problems.

In an article for the German news site FocusOnline, Mr. Steingart made several entries with the title “God is smiling on us: why Briton Boris Johnson forbids us to speak about financial matters.”

He wrote: “Boris Johnson and his Britannia should not understand this.

“But if you look at the island, you don’t see anything better than Germany during the pandemic.

“Despite Brexit, the UK is currently on a fast economic path,” he said.

“To know yourself better, look in the mirror in vain and look carefully at the garden fence.

“We just saw that we saw the Germans there,” he said, “especially in the remote British Isles.”

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Despite the pandemic, the UK economy is expected to grow 5.3 percent this year and 5.1 percent by 2022, the journalist and author said. “Germany is growing too, but very slowly.”

He wrote: “The laudable achievements of the European Union have made the leap from political rhetoric to economic reality more than outside the UK.”

The UK services sector is expected to experience the highest growth rate in 24 years in 2021, despite all the damage caused by Brexit policy.

Finally, the Germans refer to the unemployment figures from the March figures, which show an unemployment rate of 4.8% in Great Britain, while in Germany it is 6.2%.

“Thanks to the drop in the unemployment rate (see chart), growth in the UK should accelerate faster in 2021 than in Germany,” he added.

In the end, Stinkert declared that Germany should not have emulated the British approach, but agreed: “God smiles at us.”

The German wrote: “We don’t have to imitate the British style, but we have to understand it.

The nation-state, which many German politicians have declared dead, still appears to be alive on the island.

“You see that God smiles at us.”

Additional reporting by Monica Ballenberg.

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