Brexit: Live answers to your questions about the Dover delays and the war against the Rees-Mogg bureaucracy

ORWe are now 25 months away from Britain leaving the EU. However, Brexit remains unfinished. The messy economic fallout is still unfolding, arrangements for Northern Ireland remain unclear and the government has embarked on a mission to find hidden legislative “opportunities” lurking in the Brexit bushes.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss may be tough on Russia, but she is quiet about the UK’s never-ending feud with the EU. While the Ukraine crisis absorbs all attention, the issue of the Northern Ireland protocol seems to have quietly receded into the background.

Truss and his European counterpart, Maros Sefcovic, agreed that recent talks had produced “neither a breakthrough nor a break”, and pledged to continue negotiations to ease trade barriers without delay. So it looks like the Northern Ireland election will come and go in May with nothing resolved.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis said there was a very real risk that the Stormont executive would not return after the election, given the DUP’s “never, never, never” stance on protocol. Will the mess break out before the marching season?

Meanwhile, the opportunities of Brexit Jacob Rees-Mogg’s war against EU red tape has turned into a war against the metric system, as the government launches a study on the benefits of reintroducing imperial measurement units. Can Rees-Mogg appease Brexit Conservatives?

It comes as logistics bosses and local politicians have urged the government to start building more truck parking near Dover or face a “complete standstill” around the port as post-Brexit controls continue to cause major delays.

Desperate drivers stuck in four-hour queues near Dover were forced to “shit in the bushes” and throw bottles of urine out of windows. the independent It has been said Is there any sign of relief on the way?

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