Bras and underwear are said to warn against cancer

Great Britain launches an unusual underwear campaign this autumn. Image: pexels / Janaina Lourenço

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Most people associate underwear advertising with provocative images, aesthetic close-ups and well-known supermodels. Although there is now a lot of marketing with curvy models, advertising for bras and the like does not contain a great message.

With a new campaign, the British health service NHS wants to change this situation and, at the same time, gain points in terms of early cancer detection. Together with supermarket chain Morrisons, underwear containing warnings about breast and testicular cancer will in future be sold.

Britain is planning a major campaign for early cancer detection

The British government recently announced that it wanted to detect cancer at an early stage in 75 percent of cases. For this, several strategies are used. Part of this is also related to the education of the population.

Specifically, the warnings address the identification of characteristics of breast and testicular cancer, which must be written on the Nutmeg brand labels. There should also be a QR code that leads directly to more information.

In most cases, patients themselves can easily recognize breast cancer using simple clues. In the early stages, the disease manifests itself as swelling of the armpits, skin abnormalities or changes in the nipples.

Those affected can usually detect testicular cancer at an early stage themselves. Lumps or swellings can often be diagnosed early with regular palpation. In this case, according to the German Cancer Society, around 90 percent of patients can be cured.

British cancer patients have comparatively low survival rates

However, according to a Swedish study, survival rates in Britain are relatively low compared to other European countries. The national health system wants to start here and Starting in October, several measures will be launched.

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The main objective is to motivate the British population to listen to their own body’s warning signals. In an informative text, the NHS informs about the possible symptoms of cancer and recommends consulting your GP.

In Germany, when it comes to early cancer detection, the main focus is medical check-ups. While women ages 30 and older can visit a gynecological office once a year for early detection of breast cancer, men ages 45 and older can have at least one free annual screening to detect cancer. prostate.

However, Britain’s healthcare system is in a financial and structural crisis as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Currently it is difficult to make an appointment for any examination with specialists.

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