Boris Johnson’s wife is reportedly throwing him a birthday party while the UK is on lockdown

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  • Boris Johnson is the subject of another report about a lockdown party.
  • ITV News reports that Carrie Johnson, his wife, threw him a big surprise party in June.
  • Johnson faces an open rebellion among Conservative MPs that could lead to his impeachment.
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Carrie Johnson, the wife of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is said to have thrown a big surprise party for the prime minister amid the UK lockdown. ITV News reports.

“ITV News also understands that on the night of June 19, 2020, friends of the family were accommodated upstairs in the Prime Minister’s Residence in what appears to be a further breach of rules,” the report said. Johnson’s office, according to ITV, denied any such claim.

The June 2020 surprise party would have included up to 30 people. ITV News further reports that one of the attendees was Lulu Lytle, who is not on Johnson’s staff. Lytle is linked to a separate scandal in the renovation of Johnson’s luxury apartment.

Just before the reported surprise party, Johnson made a public call for the country to follow lockdown policies.

“I urge everyone to continue to exercise restraint and abide by the rules designed to keep us all safe,” Johnson said. he said at a press conference on June 10, 2020.

Johnson has come under increasing siege from a series of reports that he and top staff members have flouted pandemic restrictions the public has been told to adhere to. Johnson, visibly moved, he told Sky News last week that “no one told him” that a separate May 2020 party had violated lockdown rules.

“As I said in the House of Commons, when I walked out into that garden I thought I was attending a business event,” Johnson said.

Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former senior adviser turned critic since leaving Downing Street, accused Johnson of lying about the May 2020 ‘bring your own drink’ party. Cummings’ claim that Johnson may have lied to Parliament only added to the scandal surrounding the prime minister.

“You need to get this asylum under control,” Cummings wrote in a blog post last week that he told Johnson at the time.

Conservative MPs have previously told Insider that Johnson’s “political death” was near. If 54 of the 360 ​​Conservative MPs send letters of censure to the 1922 Backbenchers Committee, a race for official leadership will be triggered.

Johnson’s attempt to quell the brewery scandal was unsuccessful. A former firm told Insider that the Prime Minister’s SkyNews interview was “shocking” and “a sure sign of a lie”.

Insider has contacted 10 Downing Street for comment.

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