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France: Liz Truss warns against “stop threatening” the UK

The new rankings released by Conservative Home show that Liz Truss remains the most popular member of the cabinet with a staggering advantage. Ranked by members of the Conservative Party, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has a score of 85.5 based on her performance in October, compared to Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a score of 19.7.


Ms. Truss has consistently achieved a satisfaction score of between 82.8 and 89.8 since December 2020.

But since June, Boris Johnson has consistently scored below 20 points.

Johnson’s cabinet shakeup in mid-September saw Truss take on a new role, moving from secretary of commerce to minister of foreign affairs.

When she was Secretary of International Trade, Ms. Truss traveled the world forging trade agreements with 68 countries and the European Union.

According to political journalist Amy Mackinnon, she was applauded for her work as Secretary of Commerce and became the face of “world Britain,” solidifying her favorite place among Conservative Party loyalists.

As Foreign Secretary, Truss broke a glass ceiling, becoming the second woman in history and the first in the Conservative Party to hold the post.

In political circles, Johnson is believed to have promoted Ms Truss to Foreign Secretary to reward her hard work and recognize her popularity, while also ensuring she was out of the national spotlight to reject any leadership candidacy. .

Garvan Walshe, a former Conservative Party national and international security policy adviser, said: “Even if she is sent abroad, she will find ways to fit into the national political debate.

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Liz Truss has been the most popular member of the cabinet since December 2020 (Image :.)

In 2019, when Theresa May’s term came to an end, Truss briefly ran for leadership but became the first cabinet member to endorse Johnson in his successful Conservative Party run.

Explaining her decision to set her vision for leadership, Truss said that as a politician she had learned that “you have to be prepared to come forward because no one else will,” according to the Daily Mail.

When the opportunity arises, it seems likely that Truss will be eager to take the lead from Johnson’s Tories.

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Reports have revealed that Truss and fellow rival Rishi Sunak were in “constant maneuvering” to present themselves as future leaders among their conservative peers.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Minister are said to have “surveyed” their colleagues, and Ms Truss’s allies, including her parliamentary private secretary Bim Afolami, have “worked hard enough” to see if she had a chance. , according to the Daily Reports. .

But the two ministers could wait some time for the next leadership elections, as the prime minister reportedly intends to survive Margaret Thatcher’s 11-year tenure in Downing Street.

Statistics from YouGov have revealed that around 51% of people have heard of Ms. Truss, a figure that will need to rise if a leadership offer is on the horizon.

Georgina Wright, director of the Europe program at the Montaigne Institute in Paris, will declare that she will be tempted by Mme Truss as long as she ministers for Foreign Affaires, it will be “a chance to montrer au Royaume-Uni qui elle est et ce qu’elle est capable.” of doing “.

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Billionaire Rishi Sunak also aspires to become Britain’s next prime minister (Image :.)

Liz Truss has been loyal to Boris Johnson

Liz Truss has been loyal to Boris Johnson during his tenure as prime minister (Image :.)

Truss recently earned the respect of the British by threatening France with legal action after Emmanuel Macron’s ministers issued “totally irrational” threats to cut off UK power supplies and close French ports to the UK. British fishermen.

The French president backed down in a great victory for the foreign minister.

Malcolm Chalmers, former senior adviser to Labor Foreign Secretaries Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett, said of Ms Truss: “ She plays on that very enthusiastic, smooth and optimistic nationalism that Johnson is very successful in conveying and has done. with great success.

“This is not austere, pessimistic and retrograde nationalism.

“It’s a ‘we can do it.’ We are the UK. Everything is possible, in the style of nationalism.

Do you agree? Let us know what you think of Ms. Truss in the comment section below.

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