Boris Johnson collects around 300,000 euros for a speech in the US.

London (AP) – A good two months after leaving Downing Street, Boris Johnson began a lucrative second career. As can be seen in the record of additional income of the parliamentarians of Great Britain, the former prime minister received a remuneration of 276,130 pounds sterling (the equivalent of about 316,000 euros) for a speech in the US. time that totaled 8 hours and declared 30 minutes.

In Britain, MPs are required to document their extra income in detail and publish it on the register, which is updated every 28 days. He also reveals that shortly before speaking at an insurance agents’ and brokers’ association in Colorado Springs, Johnson traveled to Montana at the invitation of media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch, whose empire includes influential British newspapers such as the Sun and the Times, paid the equivalent of about 13,260 euros (11,559 pounds) for Johnson’s visit.

Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, also regularly generates a high income from additional speeches. But compared to Johnson, her fees seem modest. she gave in on it most recent log entry having received 97,000 pounds (equivalent to about 111,000 euros) for an appearance in the US.

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