Boris Johnson apologizes after unconvincing revelations

In the United Kingdom, calls for the resignation of Boris Johnson are increasing. The British Prime Minister had to apologize to Parliament on January 12 after the press revealed that he had attended a reception in May 2020 in full confinement with 40 people.
“Pathetic”, to ” Shame “ for the mirror, “indefensible” for the Daily Express. Editorialists like The Guardian, for example, are wondering about Boris Johnson’s ability to pass himself off as an idiot: the prime minister explained on Wednesday that he took a party of alcoholics for a work meeting.

On its website, the BBC tells how, after his speech before the deputies, Boris Johnson invited himself to the cafeteria to appease the conservative deputies who could trigger a motion of censure to replace him as head of the party.

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The Guardian newspaper, rather on the left, produces a gallery of portraits of the possible successors of “BoJo”. One name regularly appears in all the headlines: Rishi Sunak, the bookmaker’s favorite Finance Minister.

The Telegraph also underlines the latter’s absence during his boss’s apology. And his very lukewarm support for the Prime Minister. Indeed, voter support is eroding. Six in 10 Britons think Boris Johnson should resign, according to an earnest Times front-page poll.

The Conservatives are now 10 points behind the Labor opposition, an unheard of since 2013.

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