Bonn – The devastating earthquake in Morocco

We take two paths to help. Hannah Egger, project and quality control consultant at the Aktion Deutschland Hilft alliance, offers answers.

Despite the devastating consequences of the earthquake, Morocco has not yet submitted any request for international assistance. What could be the reasons for this?

Hannah Egger: We can’t say anything about the reasons and we won’t start speculating. But perhaps to put things in perspective: Morocco is a country that receives money from long-term development cooperation. However, when it comes to emergency humanitarian aid after major disasters, it is not a recipient country, but rather a donor country. It has good state self-help structures and effective disaster protection. The fact is that the government has not yet made any request for international help, but it has specifically requested support from the four countries: Spain, Great Britain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Why do the “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” organizations only help if there is a request for international help?

Hannah Egger: Because we respect the sovereignty of a country. “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” works according to the so-called Sphere Standards for humanitarian aid. These principles include that in case of sudden disasters, we act in consultation with the affected state. In this specific case, for example, this means that our alliance organization “Federal Rescue Dog Association” (BRH) has canceled its preparations for a mission in Morocco and will not enter the country because there is no international request for help: against this Background: “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”: No emergency has been declared, but individual alliance organizations will continue to send emergency workers and relief supplies from Germany.

So we can’t do anything for those affected at this time?

Hannah Egger: However, in the current situation we are also taking two paths to help, although on a smaller scale than in the case of a request for international help:

If the organizations of the “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” alliance have been active for years in Morocco, for example with their own office, with their own structures, then they are recognized by the State there and will of course not interrupt their work in case of a catastrophe. , but will help in the earthquake zone, always in coordination with local authorities. This applies, for example, to our alliance organization CARE, which has been operating in Morocco for 15 years.

Second option: Our alliance organizations work with local partner organizations that are very close to the people and needs on the ground. This is what, for example, action medeor, the “first aid pharmacy of the world”, does. Other organizations in the alliance also offer their help. This means that donations for Morocco that reach “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” definitely reach the recipients in the disaster area.

Brief profile of Aktion Deutschland Hilft eV

“Aktion Deutschland Hilft” is an alliance of renowned German aid organizations founded in 2001 that join forces to provide fast and effective aid in the event of major disasters. The more than 20 organizations involved bring together their many years of experience in humanitarian aid. Thanks to the merger of “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, the organizations involved coordinate their efforts so that there are no overlaps or interruptions in the supply on site and that people in the disaster area receive the best possible help. Through a joint donation account, the alliance calls for solidarity and disaster relief. Aktion Deutschland Hilft is committed to handling donations responsibly and is, among other things, a certified member of the German Donations Council. The alliance provides information on the use and impact of donations in its annual financial reports:

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