Belgian scaling Premium Plus expands to the Netherlands

The extension of the Belgian Premium Plus customer experience is expanding to the Netherlands and opening an office in Amsterdam.

According to Premium Plus, the expansion to the Netherlands is primarily the result of a desire to work more closely with Zendesk. The Belgian company is a fast-growing specialist in online advice and applications for customer service, customer support and sales.

Premium Plus is an implementation partner of Zendesk and works closely with this provider in other countries in Europe, such as France and the United Kingdom. Therefore, expanding cooperation and activities to the Netherlands was an obvious choice.

In the Netherlands, the Belgian specialist establishes his office in Amsterdam. From this office, you can better support your existing Dutch clients such as Wolters Kluwer, DPG Media, Sanoma, X2O, Tango and Telador.

Also for the upper segment of SMEs

In addition, the Belgian customer experience specialist wants to focus on other Dutch companies. These companies are sought in the segment of SMEs with 500 employees or more. Premium Plus aims to help these companies build a fully integrated, flexible and easy-to-use omnichannel support platform based on Zendesk. This enables companies to serve customers better and faster in today’s “digital first world.”

In addition to consulting and implementing Zendesk solutions, Premium Plus also develops several proprietary applications and help center topics for this technology. In his own words, this makes the customer experience specialist a more comprehensive service provider in this area than the competition.

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