Be careful if you have IPTV: a new tool is coming that should allow users to be identified!

Given this observation, some British broadcasting services have decided to tighten the screw and impose formidable measures. One of the latest notable initiatives in this fight against piracy comes from British sports streaming service DAZN, which recently announced a strategic partnership with cybersecurity company Irdeto. Together they developed a tool to fight against illegal IPTV.

Through a press release, Dough Lowther, CEO of Irdeto, explained that their collaboration aims to use “the knowledge gained over decades in the fight against hacking and cyber threats to counter hackers and cybercriminals.”

This initiative relies on cutting-edge technology and a team of DAZN experts to better protect streamed content. As ? Specifically, the solution developed consists of using a watermark or a unique invisible marker, which will be placed on the content broadcast live by DAZN. This watermark will allow the company to more effectively track illegal flows and identify responsible users to take appropriate action. This technology should offer a formidable means to counter illegal IPTV.

Please note that DAZN is not stopping there in its fight against illegal streaming. In partnership with Videocities, the company has also deployed artificial intelligence capable of detecting illegal sports broadcasts online, including on social media.

However, DAZN is not the only actor that is intensifying its fight against “pirate TV.” In Italy, a law adopted last August aims to block these services in the national territory. The telecommunications regulatory authority, AGCOM, and interested parties are responsible for “take measures to block illegal transmissions.” In addition, the law provides for significant fines of 5,000 euros to deter customers from these illegal offers.

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