BBC ranks the best TV shows of the 21st century

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Presumably, the Internet could use something else to discuss, the BBC published its ranking of the 100 best television series of the 21st century. Before you start scrolling, no, squid game He did not make the list. And he did not like the recent list of the continuation of the popular Disney + franchise loki from The mandalorian.

However, what made the Top 100 is likely to surprise and delight TV fans and possibly leave them speechless. It’s hard to go against the likes the wire or the original the desk.

Of course, all they care about is the top ten, which feels a bit safe, but it’s hard to argue with him. So here is the top 10:

1) the wire

2) Mad Men

3) Jammer

4) flea bag

5) game of Thrones

6) you can destroy

7) leftovers

8) American people

9) the desk (United Kingdom)

10) succession

With the exception of shows that are still running or just aired, none of them are as surprising. Each of these shows has been acclaimed and approved by critics and regularly appears on the lists of the best television series of the year, decade and century.

Fortunately, the timing and methodology of the BBC are very good. Here’s how they divided it:

A total of 460 different series were voted on by 206 television experts – from critics, journalists, academics and industrial personalities – who came from 43 countries, from Albania to Uruguay. Among these voters were 100 women, 104 men, and two non-binary. Each voter made a list of their 10 favorite television series of the 21st century, which we rated and ranked to produce the Top 100 on the list.

In short, the list is not just a ranking of the best HBO shows, although it can seem that way at times. The BBC’s list includes every show that people have been yelling at you to watch for a decade (The wire, Mad Men(and some newer versions)Subway). There are also titles that critics don’t like, such as: Big Bang Theory.

There are also interesting options on the menu. BBC apparently crystallizes lagged developmentIt fell out of favor when the once-beloved series peaked at 32. If this list had been published in 2012, it’s easy to imagine one of them would fall into the top five. The same applies to Louie, who made the cut at 94, Despite the fact that its infamous star ruined the show’s legacy.. Yet it feels like a little different always sunny That the longest-running comedy movie in history (and still pretty good) stays at number 90.

While the list will undoubtedly offend some, it seems like a vast collection of the best shows of the last 20 years, even if the total lack of good grace It damages the credibility of the list. Still props for contestants to record Stop and start the fire, an underrated gem that could always use more love.

Read all in BBC.

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