Bandai registers a trademark in the UK, is a new version planned?

Bandai namco recently registered a new trademark for the Klonoawhich has its origin in the chapter ” Door to Phantomile“Published in 1997 in the first Play station. The registration of the brand, unsurprisingly, sparked a wave of rumors about a possible remastering or remake of the title. platform me adventure.

A few versions of this Japanese platformer have been released over the years. Sony started, as mentioned above, with Klonoa Door to Phantomile, which reached Europe and North America in 1998. A second episode came to PlayStation 2, titled ” The veil of Lunatea“Published in 2001. Unfortunately, aside from these two main chapters and other minor titles, the series has not had any new iterations.

Although the franchise appears to have been ” abandoned“For some time now, the registration of the Klonoa trademark seems to have given rise to the hope of a probable… remaster or a Redo. However, it seems that a remake is more plausible than a remaster, since it was Already done for the first episode of the series, broadcast on 2009 for Nintendo Wii.

Along with improved graphics and better voice acting, the 2009 remastered version includes several usable features that were not present in the original 1997 version. Despite critical acclaim, the remastered version was a disappointment. business disaster and as a result, the plan for a sequel or another remaster was definitely shelved, as was the animated film project.

Now we just have to follow the speculations and wait for a new chapter of the legendary Klonoa series to appear in the coming weeks. new generationrepresented by Playstation 5.

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