Augmented reality: a player like in Fifa Soccer

In September this year, the Metrix pop-up site, Football Re-Coded, opened on Westfield Mall in White City, London. It is a soccer sports facility that, thanks to modern technology and augmented reality, offers an immersive sports experience in almost 10,000 square meters.

The location of the experience combines AI and augmented reality, as well as modern display technology with soccer challenges. For example, visitors can practice the power and precision of shooting on digital walls. The recognition software helps to reach higher and higher levels of difficulty.

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To make visitors really feel like they’re in a video game, they also create digital player cards, as is common in soccer computer games. The individual statistics or entry in multiple leaderboards are then displayed.

To do this, a photo is taken in front of a screen, which can then be viewed directly on the virtual map. The background segmentation of the Leipzig company Sensape is used here so that the virtual image can be displayed correctly on the player’s card immediately. Thanks to the software, no green screen is necessary to transfer the photo.

Also comes the 3D avatar

In the future, the gamer card will also be supplemented with a personal 3D avatar. With the help of Sensape’s AI and AR technology, visitors should be able to create custom avatars based on their own appearance. The software automatically recognizes the person in front of you in real time and converts external characteristics such as hair type, skin color and face shape, as well as hairstyles and beard shapes into a 3D avatar.

Joe Tankel, Founder of The Brand Tank and UK Sensape Partner, added: “Metrix has created a fantastic location and we are proud to contribute to this experience with our augmented reality and sensor technology. As we move into the next phase of development with the creation of personal avatars, Sensape’s artificial intelligence will create an even deeper connection between the real and virtual world. We look forward to providing visitors with a truly immersive experience. “

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