Atos acquires Czech data science agency DataSentics

ICT giant Atos has acquired DataSentics, a Czech technology consultancy specializing in data science. For Atos, it marks the eighth deal this year and a valuable addition to its existing data science capabilities.

DataSentics was founded in 2016. The data science specialist focuses on developing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. “Our team consists of 100 data scientists and data engineers with experience in the agile landscape of digital startups as well as large international companies,” said Petr Bednarik, founder of DataSentics.

From its headquarters in Prague, DataSentics sells its solutions to leading companies in Central and Western Europe, with a focus on customers in the financial services, retail and media segments. The agency’s clientele includes leading organizations such as: Allianz, Generali, Microsoft, Nestlé, Red Bull and Vienna Insurance Group.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to expand our existing capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Pierre Barnabé, executive vice president and director of Big Data & Security at Atos.

“Our combined capabilities will allow us to deliver greater value to our customers.”

The Atos transaction is in line with previous and recent data science acquisitions, including acquisitions of Ipsotek in the UK and Miner & Kasch in the US.

For DataSentics, joining forces with Atos means the company can accelerate, Bednarik explains, “the way its AI products and solutions are impacting businesses around the world.”

No further (financial) details related to the transaction have been disclosed. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Salesforce partner Profit4SF and cybersecurity specialist Motiv ICT Security were recently acquired in our country.

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