Army Games 2021 begins: ‘A great Russian PR action’

The 2021 Army Games have started in several countries today. That is a tournament organized by Russia for units of the international army. “It is a great public relations campaign of the Russian army,” says correspondent Geert Groot Koerkamp.

“The aim of the project is to show how strong and modern the Russian army is. And also goodwill in a world that looks at Russia with suspicion. “The 42 participating countries are therefore largely close allies of Moscow.

For example, a team is participating on behalf of South Ossetia, which is recognized as an independent republic by only a few UN countries. Georgia and Russia fought a brief war in 2008 over the Caucasus region, which is part of Georgia.

‘Heroic patriotic songs’

Until September 4, there are 31 parts in which soldiers compete for first place. For example, there is a tank biathlon, a target shooting competition, and a track for army units on skis. There is also a category for singing “heroic patriotic songs” or performing a folk dance.

This cultural aspect was also clearly addressed at the opening ceremony in Algeria:

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