ARD correspondent inspires Brits with swear words: “Incredible”

In the “Tagesschau”, Annette Dittert described the chaotic scenes in the London House of Commons after Liz Truss announced her resignation.image: screenshot / daily news


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Liz Truss spent just six weeks as British Prime Minister. She replaced Boris Johnson, who resigned in July after a series of scandals. Now Truss has also resigned. In Britain now there is a mess. ARD correspondent Annette Dittert describes the chaotic scenes in the London House of Commons in the “Tagesschau”, and she doesn’t mince words.

Annette Dittert Quotes Deputy Faction Leader: “Fucking Furious”

He caused a stir on social media with his depiction of the government crisis in London. In Britain in particular, an excerpt from yesterday’s edition of the “Tagesschau” went viral, in which Dittert quoted expletives from Conservative Party deputy leader Craig Whittaker.

Annette Dittert is a journalist and documentarian.

Annette Dittert is a journalist and documentarian.Image: IMAGO / Future Image

This is how the correspondent describes the situation in London:

“There were fistfights in the lobby, where the voting takes place. Government members are said to have physically dragged other Conservative MPs into the box on the right. Then suddenly it was said that there was no group coercion, although that had been announced beforehand. After which, the deputy leader of the Group walked out of Parliament with the words: ‘I’m fucking furious and I don’t give a shit anymore’. I won’t translate it now, but this is a party where really all the disciplines have collapsed.

Voting disturbances in the House of Commons

Because on Wednesday night, the day before the Prime Minister announced her resignation, there was a vote on fracking rights. The opposition Labor Party had tabled a motion to introduce legislation to ban fracking. During the vote, it is said that the parliamentarians were forced to enter the corresponding voting room. Labor MP Chris Bryant said then that Conservative MPs could not have voted freely and without hindrance.

Until shortly before the vote, there was said to be some ambiguity as to whether the Tories believed it was a vote of confidence. Had that been the case, MEPs who did not adhere to group discipline, i.e. uniform voting, and voted differently from their group, would have faced expulsion from the group.

Clip with swear words is shared on Twitter

in Twitter one only sees an abbreviated version of Annette Dittert’s statement. Since most Brits don’t understand German, of course the clip is mostly based on the quote “I’m fucking furious and I don’t care anymore.” limited. One user writes: “German TV news about what’s going on in the UK politics happened are amazing.”

The tweet now has over 100,000 likes and the video is being shared on other accounts as well. Annette Dittert is celebrated by many users: “It’s hilarious who says that Germans are not funny”, comments one user.

The tweet also notes that you don’t need to understand German to watch the video. However, to avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to know the context – because without this, the British could assume that the swear words came from the mouth of the reporter and the phrase of her staff opinion It is equivalent to. In the comments, however, many users point out that they are only quoting a member of the Tories.

Annette Dittert clarifies that it is an appointment

Dittert clarifies this again on his Twitter account. She posts a screenshot from the British newspaper “daily mail“, which includes an article about her. “I finally made it to the ‘Mail’. Thank you to all the lovely people who made this viral clip and one thing should be clear: I wasn’t cursing myself, I was just quoting a distraught Tory.”she writes.

For Brits, it is generally surprising that swearing is allowed on German television. in british TV Profanity is prohibited before 9 pm However, it is of course also in Germany a rarity that in the “Tagesschau” is cursed. When Annette Dittert shared her Twitter coverage of her, she noted: “First time I swear in English on German TV.”

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