No internet, no running water, and only snow and ice for months, but there are several penguins right outside the door. Britain’s UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) is seeking five candidates for what are perhaps the most remote jobs in the world. Whoever is ultimately selected runs the Earth’s southernmost post office and visitor’s shop on Goudier Island in Antarctica and counts penguins every day for five months.

The island is about 14,500 kilometers from Great Britain. The charity stressed that new employees would need to be resilient, healthy and environmentally conscious. The works are incredibly popular, UKAHT boss Camilla Nichol said. “We are delighted to offer an opportunity like no other to live in the midst of a landscape that leaves one in awe and wonder.”

Applications must be submitted before March 26. The successful candidates will serve in their positions from November 2023 to March 2024. Last year UKAHT received a record number of applications, after which an all-female team held the fort at Port Lockroy over the Antarctic summer.

From: APA/dpa