Anti-doping evaluation visit to Spain

A team of experts from the Council of Europe carried out an evaluation visit to Spain to analyze the anti-doping system, from sample collection to disciplinary and educational issues. Organized from October 18 to 20, 2022, the visit aimed to evaluate the implementation in Spain of anti doping conventionwhich entered into force in the country in 1992, a few days before the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Barcelona.

The team met with actors active in the fight against doping, such as high-level representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Territorial Policies and Public Administration, the Higher Sports Council (CSD), the Spanish Commission against Doping in Sport (CELAD), Security Forces and Bodies, Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) and Food Safety (AESAN), and Olympic and Paralympic Committees.

The composition of the team reflects the broad geographic and institutional reach of the Convention and its States Parties: Pia Haschke (Anti-Doping Expert, Austria, Assessment Team Leader), Graham Arthur (Anti-Doping Expert, United Kingdom, Rapporteur), Sara-Ioana Saragea (Romanian Anti-Doping Agency), David Cowan (Lab Expert, UK) and Martin Holmlund Lauesen (Norwegian Anti-Doping Agency). The team analyzed how the implementation of the anti-doping system in Spain complies with the provisions of the Anti-Doping Convention.

The conclusions and good practices identified during the visit will be collected in an evaluation report. This report will be proposed for adoption by the T-DO in early 2023 and will then be sent to the Spanish authorities for the implementation of their recommendations.

Evaluations are part of the mandate of the Monitoring Group (T-DO). Each year, it analyzes the anti-doping system of its States Parties through a questionnaire and evaluation visits to various countries.

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