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Ann Witcombe gave her assessment of the immigration crisis and recalled her experiences at the Home Office in discussing the issue with her fellow ministers. Mme Widdecombe a fait valoir qu’il existit plusieurs différences clés entre la France et le Royaume-Uni, ce qui peut être particulièrement impressionnant pour certains immigrants car les deux pays ont signé presque tous les accords sur l’immigration et les droits de l’ man. Instead, Ms Whitcombe said the activities of British society were such as to attract immigrants, making it easier for them to disappear with others in the country.

Speaking to LBC, Ms Whitcombe took a nine-hour trip with the RNLI to talk about channel shortcuts at Fort Andrew Castle, the host of her show.

He told the station: “I heard about Preity Patel’s efforts, but nothing major happened.

“I have been saying for a long time that the only solution to this is to keep all asylum seekers in a safe place, I am not talking about situations like prison, I am talking about a safe place.

“We focus on their requests to know where they are. »

Ms Widdecombe went on to explain why immigrants are attracted to the UK, saying it went well beyond financial benefits.

She explained, “I made up my mind because of the discussion before I came, one of the reasons they came here was that everything is free.

“There is another reason, it is the easiest country to disappear in the West.

“We are not involved in arrests, we do not have national identity documents, we have a growing underground economy and it is very easy to avoid it. »

This trick will cause border agents to use jet skis to hijack boats, even if small boats in shallow water aren’t the target.

Migration watchdog Alph Mehmet told the tactics forced migrants into low-security boats and they did not want to see people die in the canal.

At the Conservative Party conference, Ms Patel also revealed plans to block certain asylum claims based on how a person entered the UK.

The UK is currently paying France millions of pounds to beef up border security along its north coast to prevent migrants from entering the UK.

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