An ancestor who inherits the technology of the Blade.

Nissan celebrates 35 years of its British plant in Sunderland. To honor its past but also to echo its modernity, the automaker decided to modernize (put a modern electric motor in an old car) on the 1986 Nissan Bluebird. Strategic because the Bluebird was the first Nissan model produced by this company. today it produces the Nissan Leaf.

The range of this 21st century Bluebird is 200 kilometers thanks to a 40 kWh battery. If this mechanism is modern, Nissan has chosen to offer this anniversary car a dress reminiscent of the 80s. A nod to the electrification of the car with the Nissan logo on the hood that has received an LED backlight.

The chance for Nissan to remember that this plant employs 6,000 people and has produced 10.5 million cars to date, including 187,178 Bluebirds and around 200,000 Nissan Leaves at the moment.

Modernization is a more than interesting solution in an ecological approach. In effect, this allows a second life to be given to vehicles that are rejected today due to their incompatibility with the new anti-pollution regulations present in urban areas by applying a ZFE (Low Emission Zone). We hope to see more manufacturers or contractors offering this type of conversion in the future to save cars from certain death.



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