Amazon Fresh without boxes is not a recipe in the UK

Amazon suspend the expansion of its Fresh supermarkets without a checkout in the United Kingdom. Sales figures are disappointing and costs are too high. Amazon is giving up dozens of planned slots.

Dozens of stalled negotiations

The launch of Amazon Fresh, Amazon’s supermarket chain, stops in Britain. Amazon opened the first branch in March 2021, combining a traditional supermarket with “just walkout” cashless technology, pioneered by Amazon Go. There are no cash registers, the products that customers check out are automatically recognized and paid for through the Amazon app.

Originally, hundreds of similar stores were to spring up across Britain, but after 19 branches, those ambitions have already faded. Amazon would have negotiations for dozens of new locations ceased and would have given up looking for other sites. This is reported by The Sunday Times newspaper. Only subsidiaries for which lease agreements have already been signed will be opened.

unable to compete

Sales at checkoutless supermarkets would be lower than expected and high-tech infrastructure costs would be too high to compete with other convenience stores. The current uncertain economic climate is certainly not helping. Also, the management would be in reorganization and, according to Business Insider, the tension is rising with Whole-grain foodsthe ecological chain acquired by Amazon in 2017.

However, Amazon “plans to open more Amazon Fresh stores in the near future,” a spokeswoman told The Sunday Times. The plans will be reevaluated in 12 to 18 months. However, that means Amazon is largely leaving the UK: Just a few months ago, the e-commerce giant announced that it would be closing all of its Amazon 4 Star and bookshops, some of which are in the UK.

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Amazon is suspending the expansion of its Fresh cashless supermarkets in the UK. Sales figures are disappointing and costs are too high. Amazon is giving up dozens of planned slots.

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