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Given the high prices of gas and electricity Many tenants in Germany fear rising utility bills. A representative survey of the energy service provider Ista, which is available to the German Press Agency, shows that some are already saving specifically in case of high additional demands. About 80 percent of tenants set in september to importwhich expects high utility bills in 2023. According to the information, in May it was only 68 percent.

the Fear of deep discounts continues right across all social classes and it is only slightly higher (86 percent) than the average for people in households with a net income of less than 1,500 euros. Even the wealthy are worried: In the highest income bracket (net household income of €10,000 and more), at 76 percent, almost as many people are worried as the population average (80 percent). “We are facing a big test, which is also reflected financially for each of us,” said Hagen Lessing, director of Ista.

well the half of the tenants want the expected Pay for rising additional costs up front with higher monthly payments (56 percent) to avoid a one-time high billing. A good fifth prefer a higher late payment package (21 percent), according to the study, which included 2,070 people in September. However, only a minority of just under a third have already agreed to a higher discount with their landlord, and 13 percent want to do so.

According to the survey, some, but not all, renters save money to be prepared for extra payments. 11 percent said they save up to 50 euros a month, 9 percent set aside 51 to 100 euros. The 33 percent of renters who said they were saving for higher additional payments saved an average of around €79 per month in September alone. Extrapolated to all tenant households in Germany, the Ista results in total savings of more than 500 million euros.

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